Aims and scope

The atomic and nanoscale structure of materials used as catalysts significantly influences their performance, and correlating structure with activity is crucial for catalyst optimisation and innovation. Catalysis, Structure & Reactivity will report the latest advances in structure-function relationships in catalytic science. This includes the application of new analytical techniques to understand materials used in catalysis and their performance, especially nano- and micro-probes of structure and composition, high resolution spectroscopies, synchrotron and neutron techniques, alongside traditional techniques. Integral to such advances in catalysis are model studies, both experimental and theoretical, of the behaviour of idealised surfaces.

Additionally, modern catalyst research extends to an understanding of catalyst behaviour under relevant conditions, and novel operando methods have started to revolutionise the field. The journal particularly welcomes research 旺财体育 at the interface between chemistry, physics, materials science, and chemical engineering, and those concerning the translation of catalysis research from the atomic to the industrial scale.

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